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Every year, Eastern Mediterranean University’s international summer school runs a full range of courses and extra afternoon clubs to help increase language skills.

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was established by the presidential decree No.245/1996 in accordance with law No. 101/1992 governing private universities Egypt.
To offer contemporary, sustainable and quality education at international standards
For nine thousand years, Cyprus has been a melting pot of great civilizations; from the Neolithic settlements on the northern coast to the Egyptian, Persian, Roman, Venetian, Ottoman and British Empires.
1453 is known as the year when a new age began in the world history. The venue of this historical turn is Istanbul.
Istanbul Kültür University was established in accordance with the Law no. 4281 as a foundation university having the title of “Public Entity” on 15 July 1997.

The United for university Services Company

U.S.C has always had higher education at its core. When it was founded by the founders as a students in 1997, USC’s initial goal was to create an electronic process that would allow students to get their financial aid refunds faster and save colleges time and money.

We believe finances should fuel, not impede, learning. We partner with colleges and universities to streamline and manage the financial aspects of campus life, freeing both students and institutions to focus on the most important thing: EDUCATION.

is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.

USC is dedicated to helping students reach their goals — whatever those goals may be. Faster refunds, better money management, more enriching academics, improved organization of activities — we give students and schools the tools to create a better campus experience.